Robin Malfait

Everything I use in the physical and digital world that could be of interest to you should be listed here.

Workstation / Computer

  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 64GB RAM (2021)

    What. A. Beast. I was using the Intel based one before, but this is on a whole other level. The battery is awesome, it doesn't get warm so you can actually use it as a laptop and you never hear the fans.#apple#computer
  • Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID

    This is just the default magic keyboard. The small one, without the numpad, but with a Touch ID.#apple#keyboard
  • Apple Magic Mouse

    This is just the default magic mouse.#apple#mouse
  • CalDigit TS3 Plus

    One of the best if not the best docking station which allows me to only use a single USB-C cable to connect everything.#dock
  • mStand

    I use the mStand from rain design to lift it up.

Workstation / Monitors

  • LG UltraFine 5K

    This is a crazy good monitor. It is currently my main monitor. It is not the prettiest but the single USB-C cable is really handy. The monitor itself is also very crystal clear.
  • Dell U2715H

    My second monitor which is definitely not as good as the LG one, but I use this one in vertical mode mainly for running tests and Discord.

Workstation / Audio

  • HyperX Quadcast

    It is my first mic and currently I am pretty happy with it. It's usb based so currently I don't need other crazy audio tools. It has a fun tap-to-mute feature which is pretty cool.
  • Røde PSA1

    This is the microphone arm I use so that I can move the mic around. When I don't need it I can store it on the side.
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

    This is my audio interface.#audio
  • Yamaha HS5

    The audio monitors which are connected via the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to my CalDigit TS3 Plus which in turn is connected to my MacBook.#audio#speakers#monitor
  • AirPods Pro

    I switch between my AirPods and my Sony headphones.
  • Sony WH-1000XM4

    Pretty awesome headphones. I used the Sony WH-1000XM2's before, this is just a nice upgrade. Longer battery life, better noise cancelling support and you can connect 2 bluetooth sources at the same time.
  • Elago — H Stand

    This is a pretty nice headphone stand, for when I am not using the headpones.#stand

Workstation / Chair

  • Herman Miller Embody (Graphite Black)

    This is one amazing chair, can highly recommend!
  • Roller Blade Wheels - PrimeAmbition

    Started using roller blade wheels. Game. Changer.


  • vim (neovim)

    In the summer of 2020, I completely switched to neovim.#editor
  • Ghostty

    This terminal is currently in beta and invite only.#terminal
  • Tmux

    The terminal multiplexer which is useful to manage various projects in various windows all controllable via the keyboard.#terminal
  • RapidAPI (formerly known as Paw)

    This is the best API client I found on macOS that does feel native.#api
  • TablePlus

    I was a Sequel Pro user for years, however it started randomly crashing out of the blue (even after updates). I switched to Table Plus and has been pretty solid so far. The cmd+p shortcut is very awesome.#database

Devtools / Editor

  • zsh

    I use zsh as my shell, this is the default on newer macOS versions.#shell
  • oh-my-zsh

    I use oh my zsh on top of zsh which provides me a bunch of aliases and built in functions. They also give you theming support.#shell
  • Starship

    The actual theme used in my terminal is this super fast starship theme which is built in Rust.#shell#theme#prompt
  • Berkeley Mono

    I used to use Dank Mono, but now I use Berkeley Mono.#font
  • Nord

    This is an amazing soft theme, use it!#theme


  • AeroSpace

    Window manager for macOS that is inspired by i3.#productivity#window manager
  • Raycast

    I've been using Alfred for the longest time, but recently made the switch to use Raycast instead. So far, I really like it.#productivity#launcher
  • Obsidian

    I am using Obsidian as my "second brain" kind of thing. The main reason I use this is because the source of the data are simple markdown files which I can just edit in Neovim while also using it as a git repo. Obsidian is just the fancy visual renderer in my case.#brain#notes


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