Hardware / Computer

Hardware / Monitors

  • LG UltraFine 5K

    This is a crazy good monitor. It is currently my main monitor. It is not the prettiest but the single USB-C cable is really handy. The monitor itself is also very crystal clear.

    • monitor
    • external display
  • Dell U2715H

    My second monitor which is definitely not as good as the LG one, but I use this one in vertical mode mainly for running tests and Discord.

    • monitor
    • external display

Hardware / Audio

  • HyperX Quadcast

    It is my first mic and currently I am pretty happy with it. It's usb based so currently I don't need other crazy audio tools. It has a fun tap-to-mute feaute which is pretty cool.

    • mic
  • Røde PSA1

    This is the microphone arm I use so that I can move the mic around. When I don't need it I can store it on the side.

    • mic
  • Sony WH-1000XM4

    Pretty awesome headphones. I used the Sony WH-1000XM2's before, this is just a nice upgrade. Longer battery life, better noise cancelling support and you can connect 2 bluetooth sources at the same time.

    • headphones
  • AirPods Pro

    I switch between my AirPods and my Sony headphones.

    • apple
  • Elago - H Stand

    This is a pretty nice headphone stand, for when I am not using the headpones.

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

    This is my audio interface.

  • Yamaha HS5

    The audio monitors which are connected via the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 to my CalDigit TS3 Plus which in turn is connected to my MacBook.

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    • monitors

Hardware / Chair

  • Herman Miller Embody (Graphite Black)

    This is one amazing chair, can highly recommend!

  • Roller Blade Wheels - PrimeAmbition

    Started using roller blade wheels. Game. Changer.


  • Table Plus

    I was a Sequel Pro user for years, however it started randomly crashing out of the blue (even after updates). I switched to Table Plus and has been pretty solid so far. The cmd+p shortcut is very awesome.

    • database
  • vim (neovim)

    In the summer of 2020, I completely switched to neovim.

    • editor
  • Alacritty

    There are a lot of terminals out there, this is the one I use.

    • terminal
  • Alfred

    This is a tool that you have to use, once you use it you can't live without it. It's like this power machine that has everything built-in. The snippets, the clipboard manager, quick launching apps, quick launching website.

    • productivity
  • Amethyst

    Mac's window management sucks. Tools like Spectaccle and Moom make things way better. However, this tool is a bit more magically and really works nicely.

    • productivity
    • window manager
    • wm
  • 1Password

    This is the best password manager that I've used. It works on all my devices. The best feature is that OTP (One Time Password) can be used directly from 1Password.

    • security
  • Spark

    I use Spark for all my emails and also works on all my devices.

    • email

Tooling / Terminal

  • dotfiles

    My dotfiles are available on GitHub

    • config
  • zsh

    I use zsh as my shell, this is the default on newer macOS versions.

  • oh my zsh

    I use oh my zsh on top of zsh which provides me a bunch of aliases and built in functions. They also give you theming support.

  • starship theme

    The actual theme used in my terminal is this super fast starship theme which is built in Rust.

  • tmux

    The terminal multiplexer which is useful to manage various projects in various windows all controllable via the keyboard.

Tooling / vim (neovim)


  • Vercel

    Formerly known as Now from Zeit. This is a very nice platform to directly deploy all my Next.js apps.